To monitor, predict and provide information an weather and climate ,that would contribute towards the socio-economic development of the country.


To provide reliable, responsive and high quality weather and climate services to meet national, regional and international obligations through timely dissemination of accurate and up to-date data and information for socio-economic development.


A Responsive Nation to Weather and Climate Change Impacts

Our Motto

Our objectives as derived from our mandate are as follows:

  • To monitor ,analyse and predict weather and climate. the thrust of this objective is to ensure that the weather forecast is produced for early warning purposes. This information is vital for advisory in natural disaster early warnings.
  • To provide weather and climate data and information for various socio-economic sectors such as Aviation, Agriculture, Water, Marine, Construction industry, insurance, Tourism, Health, sports and Recreation.
  • To carry out research and development that would improve quality of weather and climate data and information for the general public. The main focus is to carry out research for all aspects of meteorology inter alia general public through mass media.
  • To establish and maintain a well equipped network of Met stations. This Objective intends to ensure that meteorological data and information is reliable, timely and up to date.